Utilize Your Property


Do you have land that is sitting idle? With EarthWorx-USA land clearing services, you can transform your neglected areas into valuable, usable property. EarthWorx-USA has a wide assortment of professional-grade equipment, operated by knowledgable and skilled staff to take care of all of your clearing and reshaping needs, including:

  • Lot clearing
  • Driveway widening and installation
  • Hunting game plots
  • Tree, branch, and small stump removal
  • Maintenance of easements and right-of-ways
  • Erosion control including road ditches and water management
photo of newly cleared game plot

Acerage cleared for a game plot.

photo of farm road clearing project

Rough farm road cleared and crowned.

photo of improved ditch area

Ditch/drainage improvements on same farm road.

photo of cleared, reshaped back yard

Back yard cleared, shaped, and ready for landscaping and seeding.