Beautiful Wooded Areas!


Forestry mulching involves thinning dead and undesirable small trees, brush, fallen dead trees, and debris piles using a mulching head on a rubber tracked loader. EarthWorx-USA’s forestry mulching service is more environmentally friendly than bulldozing or heavy grading because it does not remove top soil and/or disturb the forest floor. This process grinds unwanted brush and limbs and leaves them as mulch. This protects the soil and tree roots, helps retain moisture, and beautifies the area.

  • Tree, branch, and small stump removal
  • Trimming of trees and branches
  • Mulching around ponds, lakes, or steep and varied terrain
beautiful forest floor after mulching

Large wooded area is walkable and attractive following forest mulching.

curb appeal of yard after forest mulching

Forestry mulching to clear underbush and create beautiful sight lines in a front yard.

commercial property clean by forestry mulching

Forest mulching job to beautify a commercial property.

rotating gif showing area of forest before and after mulching

Forest area before and after mulching job.